remarkable habitats

A variety of charismatic options are possible for our Artist-in-Residence programs or workshops.  You may request a location for an additional fee, as some of our sites will fill quickly.  Our lodging, while whimsically bucolic, are filled with ample comforts.  Electricity is available in all locations.  Wi-Fi is only available in the main building, Cocina Mariposa.

Casa Jaguar offers a retreat closest to a heavily forested area. Screened and shuttered, this wooden 2-story cabin is ceramic tiled and enhanced with indoor sink, a large table, rocking chair, hammocks, fan and it’s own porch.  It has a detached bathhouse with a dry toilet and on-demand hot water rainwater shower.  It has 2-3 single beds and can sleep up to 4 people.  Note: a steep ladder reaches the upstairs loft.

Casa Luna is centrally located and offers 2 separate lofts.  The lower habitat is ceramic tiled and has it’s own sink, large table/chairs, 2 single beds, rocking chair, hammocks and porch.  The upper loft has a small balcony, with 2 single beds, desks, rocking chair and hammocks.   Both levels are shuttered and fully screened.  There is a separate bathhouse within 20 feet of the cabin with dry toilet, sink, and on-demand hot water.

Bananas, palms, pineapples, papayas and other fruiting trees surround both cabin areas.  Each cabin has an outdoor laundry drying area for hand washables.

Cedar Loft is located above the workshop area.  It comes with a small balcony with a view of the distant volcano in Panama, Baru.  The location comes furnished with 2 beds, a rocking chair, hanging hammock chair and desk.

The Hummingbird Tower hosts flexible housing options.  Individual rooms are available with desk and bed, or upon reservation, 1 large apartment, or w bedrooms with shared common room.  The tower can sleep 4 individuals privately.  Each room is themed to the elements, earth/air/fire or water. They are below our yoga/dance space.  There is a covered sink area within 10 feet of the tower.  Each room is ceramic tiled, fully screened and shuttered.  The nearest bathroom is a rainwater flush toilet and separate bathhouse with on-demand hot water, both approximately 40 feet away at the main building, Cocina Mariposa.

Duende Loft is located on the second floor of the main building.  With wood floors, it is equipped with 2 single beds, desks, chairs, and fans.  It boasts a small balcony overlooking ornamental gardens.

Bambu House is currently under construction.  It is nestled at the highest part of our facility.  It will have 2 beds, a desk, fully screened and shuttered.

**Upon request, we will allow overnights for sleeping bags or hammocks either in the hummingbird tower or dragon kiosk.  Tent camping is only permitted during workshops upon request.