Partnering for Affirmative Transformation

We live in a complex and challenging world, where humanity is desperately trying to unravel how to transform the way we think, perceive and respond to a global crisis.  Our Collective serves as a powerful catalyzing resource in changing the way we travel, the methods in which our cultural arts can communicate reform, and a way to re-master economy.  Our Center is intersection, a place to cross-pollinate cultural diversity in real time and create change and beauty.  We offer partnerships to individuals who are willing to devote time, financial assistance or counsel on the progress of our future.  We are interested in cultivating social change leaders, guide a reformation of eco-tourism and rejuvenate the responsibility of the arts to challenge tough issues and liberate consciousness.  If you are interested in the long-term wellbeing of our Collective please take time to contact us and let’s open a discussion on collaboration.  Spiral of Change is a project intended to generate a worldwide community of support and leadership, whether here or abroad.