Calls for Artists:

Ongoing:  Call for Muralists

Jaguar Luna Center of Imagination is pleased to announce an open call to painters and community from within Costa Rica, and the world.   We are an international Cultural Arts Collective with the mission to integrate arts in rural areas in order to create harmony between humans and nature.

We are preparing to integrate the first installation of a campaign to increase social awareness and aesthetic harmony in southern, rural Costa Rica.  We are seeking mature artists to assist in guiding the project from the proposal process (including sketches), to the application of the painting of the mural itself with the community.

We are receiving well thought proposals and portfolios from artists who are committed to “changing the dream” through art.  Murals are collective stories, a way for the community to see itself, it’s legacy, and it’s possibilities.

Opportunities and Threats:

The region is at high risk of losing it’s youth to jobs at other locations, and to the narco mafia.  The governance of the country sees the area as ‘another’ corporate farming infusion or neglectful tourist development.  The surrounding area (while there are abundant tracts of forest) has been severely deforested for beef industry.

The area is nearby several lush rivers however deterioration is influenced by agriculture.   The region is home to many wild animals that are forced to traverse the river valleys at night and risk getting shot.   Jaguars, tapirs, ocelots, deer, river otters, monkeys, are continually threatened by unattended agricultural and population growth.   Further the region is vulnerable to outfall from a proposed international airport construction and immense hydroelectric project that threatens the pristine Terraba River/Diquis valley with vast flooding of river plains.

Compassionate, heart-centered farming networks energize the area, yet who have little or no time to participate in ecology or cultural arts.  However, this is open to change with devoted projects such as “paint-the-town” where murals liberate the stories and increase human beauty and motivation to care for the area.

History and Culture:

The region has a long and mysterious history with human influence reaching back at least 10,000 years.  The area was strongly influenced by the Diquis people.  There history is minimally honored in the area.   Present day Ngobe Guaymi people live along the Ticos.  There are several festivals in the area that honor traditional story telling.

How to submit a proposal/portfolio:

Send proposals to:

Interested artists can send a website link to their work or photographs (up to 5) of their style of painting in regards to large format.  Once these have been reviewed selected artists will be invited to submit sketches for a particular project. Once the artists have been selected the drawings will be submitted to the owners sponsored the location or at our Center.