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There are many ways to stay and participate with Jaguar Luna Cultural Arts Collective.  The path here is a conversation, a devoted intention and exchange.  Generally, visitor’s proposals must fit into the parameters of our mission.

We understand many programs are competitive; we seek to minimize worry about one’s class of art, and focus more on the intention of the proposed stay/art in discussion.  We welcome: Writers, Theatre, Film, Musicians, Painters, Ceramic, Sculptors, Dancers, Photographers, Culinary, innovative builders, sustainable energy masters, nearly anyone with a vivid imagination and devotion to arts and nature.

Individual residencies for artists range from cost-per-stay, partial scholarship or teacher/artwork exchange-for-stay or invitation.  Please contact us for options and check our site regularly for thematic calls-for-artists.  Our residencies are from 2 weeks to 6 months.  Please read our section on accommodations carefully as to bathrooms and accessibility.  Applications for residency are accepted year round.  Please see our requirements for residency.

** (Note:  We rarely accept guests only for a tourist holiday, as this is a dedicated work facility/curriculum, though exceptions are made from time to time.)

What is required:

  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Letter of interest, outlining your specific interest in working with Jaguar Luna and how your participation will affect your practice and our Center’s mission.
  • Names and email addresses of three personal or professional references –please no actual letters of reference.
  • Documentation of recent works.
  • $25 processing fee.
  • Filled out artist application.

Click here to download ARTIST APPLICATION 


 – Calls for Artists

We aspire to have a diverse range of artistry to come together to form a sort of problem solving utilizing multifaceted themes. On occasion we will invite a theme aimed at response to our Center’s mission to explore consciousness through the arts.  Our current theme is Pillars and Pollinators.  Each theme is expanded upon year after year while developing a tradition in the unique contribution Jaguar Luna will have to the arts world.  To learn more about our current theme contact us or review it here.

-Pillars and Pollinators

Call for Artists and Builders

(Costa Rica)

Jaguar Luna Center of Imagination

Disciplines:  Drawing & Painting, Film, Media Art, Writing, Sculpture, Metaphysics, Furniture, Photography, Dance, Performance Art, Music, Landscaping

Language:  English, Spanish

Outcome:  Artist agrees to develop one piece to donate to the school and/or community and to offer a lecture and or class on their medium.

Duration:  3 weeks to 6 months

Paid by artist: food, art supplies, transportation*.  A non-refundable application fee of $25 (PayPal, western union, electronic checks only) (no one turned away for lack of funds).  *(Possible financial assistance (need basis) for travel during July – November proposals).

Paid by host:  Residencies include live/work space.

Application Guidelines and Criteria:  Artists over 18 years of age are eligible.  Residencies are intended as creative opportunities for all genres and mediums. Artistic merit and promise are the basis for selections. Mature and emerging artists are encouraged to apply. Works will be reviewed on how they contribute to the environmental challenges of the area (reforestation), social challenges, and the future of art and sustainability.  Core projects that explore systems of divination and metaphysics in relation to natural cycles and sacred geometric patterns and how these influence gardens, culture and economy will be given primary consideration, though all types of projects are encouraged.

Deadline:  Open. Please send note for guidelines!

Application: The theme “Pillars and Pollinators” represents the ideas of artists as pillars of light bringing heaven to earth and as pollinators, spreading creativity and nourishing the new cultural paradigm.  Please submit motivation for residency (explain why you may benefit from this location and project), possible physical outcome (tangible forms), length of stay, background (self-taught artists welcome) and photos of recent works.  Send a description of how you plan to contribute either in building/construction or art.  We encourage interdisciplinary, cross-boundary proposals.  We encourage seriously fun artisans rather than “temporary retreat” or “social superficially inclined” for this program.  The center provides as best as possible a modest and peaceful location for maximum potential and opportunity to artists interested in making new discoveries and breakthroughs.  We welcome artists who are self-motivated, yet enjoy collaboration, will find comfort in solitude and moments of wonderful social interaction, they can improvise, instigate, and honor all that is around them in a state of wonder and curiosity.  Artists native to Costa Rica and Central America are encouraged to apply.  Brave artists are cheered and those that are especially interested in being a part of our new “mystery school”.

Technical information:  Facilities include exhibition space, 2 private (2-story) studio cabins, 3 private apartments, library, video library, gardens, dramatic landscape for hiking/walks, communal kitchen/dining, workshop, and meditation garden.  There is a small stage-like area with pulleys for marionettes/masks/puppet theatre as well as music/film or dance.

Studio information: Artists are provided with an individual work/live space as well as 3 work areas to use for reading/writing and various other tasks depending upon needs. There are abundant spaces outside to use for various activities.

Accommodation:  Residents will be assigned based on project and length of stay to private living quarters of either a cabin or apartment.

  • Hummingbird Award:

From time to time we will contact unique artists for specific invitation and commission their works/talent at our center.