photo montage facilities

Our Center is devoted to inspiring the muse in the artist.  We have several lookouts with benches or tables.  Our gardens have been planted to create a natural food forest as well as stimulate habitat for wildlife.  From the hanging benches to our tree-level bamboo astral platform, there are many ways to witness the energy of our Center.

The Iguana Tailler (workshop) is where ceramics, woodworking or other untidier arts are focused upon.  It is fully screened in and has ample table space for projects.

Our 8-sided Hummingbird Tower has a lovely hardwood floor for dance, yoga, performance, or group discussions.  It also doubles as a lovely napping area with hammocks.

The immense Cocina Mariposa is the main building and possesses a fairly large kitchen facility ready for culinary artists.  It has napping nooks situated in bay windows and provides the perfect roost for indoor bird watching.  We have a substantial developing book and film library.  The dining area has a surprise indoor theatre, equipped with rigging for marionettes.   The main halls balcony is suitable for early morning yoga or a siesta.

We have a main fire pit that holds lively drumming circles, storytelling and full moon dances.  A spiral garden hosts many species of haliconias and other exotic tropical species of plant.

Our dragon kiosk is a lovely screened in area to paint or photograph birds.  Next to it is our Teatro del Bosque (theatre of the forest), where poetry, circus, lectures and storytelling are offered.