Our success is in our diversity of a rich network of exceptional artists who take time from their routines and come to our magical forest.  These artists are selected because of their potential in influencing change through art.  Our cast of characters has included filmmakers, dancers, stilt walkers, clothing designers, painters, ceramicists, musicians –all who made the pilgrimage and found our Shangri-La or Jaguar-la.

            Our Board of Advisors is a small, yet diverse crew of individuals interested in illuminating the potential of arts in rejuvenating a more harmonious relationship between humans and the nature Earth.

            Often times, Center’s become burdened with too much focus a specific genre, class, or technique.  Jaguar Luna was spawned by queerly centric individuals who reveled in a center that was safe from harmful prejudice and entirely inclusive of gender fluidity and orientation.  All religions are welcome here, albeit our central awakening is the spirituality of the Earth. Earth as art.