Companions of Jaguar Luna

singing life into being

When you become a Companion of Jaguar Luna by making a donation of $65 or more *(see benefits), your generosity helps fund our projects and initiatives.  Our Supporters are our partners.  These are people who help generate a community of inspired thinkers, creators and doers who “get” Jaguar Luna’s undertaking and wish to be a part of imagining a new world into being.  Participants make it materialize and get to sense the magic of direct action on our planet—helping to avert crisis—ingeniously through sponsorship of the arts.

    –Companions of Jaguar Luna help support our:

            *Scholarship fund- assistance with travel costs for teachers and artists.

            *Infrastructure needs – new workspace, materials, gardens

            *Land Acquisition for our Bio-Refugio

            *Opportunities for rural agricultural youth.

            *Staffing/interns –vital to the operations of our dynamic center.


As a symbol of our appreciation and recognition, donors who gift more than $65 to the Companions of Jaguar Luna Fund, you receive:

Butterfly Sphere ($65+):

  • Subscription to twice annual newsletter

Hummingbird Sphere ($500+):

  • Benefits of Butterfly Sphere
  • $25 discount on all workshops within 12 months of donation

Moon Sphere ($1000+):

  • Benefits of Butterfly & Moon Sphere
  • Listing on our Donor Board/website and other printed materials

Jaguar Sphere ($5000+):

Contact us to learn more about additional benefits and honors.