Farm / Gardens

reducing carbon footprint

We have taken great care during our maturity into a Center to cultivate a virtual food forest.  The area around the Center hosts bananas, avocados, papayas, pineapples, macadamia, cinnamon, turmeric, ylang ylang, breadfruit, lychee, loquat, citrus, yucca, plantains, blackberries, oregano, peppermint, chayote (squash), cacao, aloe, coffee and many more edible plants.

Our ornamentals include a spiral labyrinth of halaconias and other exotic tropical species.  Orchids, bromeliads and cactus grow alongside pine, maya, cedar, bamboo, jacaranda, maricon, cypress, and other hardwoods.  We will continue to cultivate local native species as well as medicinal plants.

Our Center has two greenhouses, one devoted to summer crops (greens, tomatoes, etc.) and the other we are converting to an edible/medicinal mushroom area.  We have a solar drying room with controlled atmosphere.  We are integrating areas for tending aromatics to utilize in the making of essential oils and flower essences.