Getting Here


“The journey here is a pilgrimage—a time for slowing down to the heartbeat of the Earth…”


+Map of area not necessary for GPS exact.

Our Location is in the southernmost part of Costa Rica near the Panama border.  The closet major urban center is San Vito.

            Traveling by Air

-Our closest international airport is in San Jose – served by most major airlines.  (For those wanting to fly into Panama, a border crossing is necessary. Panama City is 8 hours and David is 2 hours by bus to border) Our nearest regional airport is Golfito near the Osa Peninsula approximately 1 hour by car to our center. It is well served by 2 local airlines.

            Traveling by Bus

-A direct bus serves our pueblo from the capital of San Jose. 4 times daily (6-8 hours w stops for lunch and snacks).  If traveling within the country smaller regional lines as well to the town of Agua Buena serve us.

            Traveling by Car

-At present we do not have a parking lot.  There is a fee for bringing an automobile—contact us for more information. In general our Center frowns upon vehicles and encourages visitors to use affordable taxis or local buses.  We have a responsibility for our carbon footprint and one of the luxuries of being here is the lack of visible motor vehicles.  Think twice and then again if you need a car.  Costa Rica roads are not easy to travel on and many are rocky in our area.  Our town does not have a gas station.  That said, if you do come, an alternate small 2-lane highway from San Jose to Rio Claro and on to San Vito serves us.  Check Internet map sources for our nearest pueblo, Agua Buena.  Request exact directions upon approved visit.