In-Kind Donations


Jaguar Luna is delighted to welcome gently used items to our artist center, including studio equipment, computers and electronics, vehicles and other interesting items.  Below is a list of our current needs.


Professional Services

We willingly accept pro bono support including construction services (especially alternative energy design and implementation), graphic design/website, event production, and legal and accounting services.


Most needed Items:

– Pickup truck (diesel for conversion to biodiesel)

– Van with seating for up to 10-15 people

– Bicycles (durable mountain bikes)

– Freezer

– Still for extracting essential oils

– Digital projector

– Large Digital Flat Screen TV

– PA Speakers

– Printer

– Microphone stands

– Computers –desktop/laptops/Ipads/Ipods in good condition.

*Especially useful 27” IMAC 7 4core 28 RAM for film production

– Cameras –digital for film and photography

– Musical Instruments- violin, brass, drums, gongs, crystal bowls, guitars, harp, flutes

– Kayak

-Tools:  table saw, welder, dremel, cordless drill/saw

-Artists’ materials: clay making tools, canvas, paints, brushes, carving tools

– Serving platters/bowls

– Good cutting knives

– Silverware

– Plates/bowls

– Plastic storage bins

– Cookware/ceramic/cast iron