Jaguar Luna Center of Consciousness Awakening

invoking ceremony

Our Center of Consciousness Awakening is directed to curriculum that enhances the way we think and perceive our influence as humans with in the context of nature.  Our programming invites in ritual and ceremony, healing practices, herbal remedies and teachings of esoteric material.  In many ways the center is similarly designed like a concentrated mystery school.

  • Redefining: “What it means to be human?”

Our Center of Consciousness Awakening (CoCA) will develop a symposium to explore methods to liberate perception from delusion and stimulate an awakened awareness.   Teachers and students can explore how to integrate the extensiveness of the human senses and their subsequent capabilities through expressive arts. By unraveling incongruent behaviors in the human experience and discovering creative solutions, we intend to help generate grander participation in coexisting with all life on the planet.

  • Ritual and Dreaming in Nature

Celebrating cycles, a sense of things ‘larger than ourselves’, has been a core of human activity for millennia.  CoCA will be cultivating workshops, discussion salons, and activities that lend themselves to ritual awakening and cognitive participation alongside instrumental cycles within nature—terra madre, or the sacramental universe.  Moon cycles, equinoxes, and seasonal patterns will coincide with the Center’s activities.

  • Exploring the Alchemy of a Vibrant Imagination

Our curriculum at CoCA will include courses on how to rebalance the mind-body experience.  Through various techniques, practitioners will share sound healing, movement studies, herbal aromatics and tonics, gem/mineral therapies, translate intelligences of celestial bodies and more.  Together with our visitors, we can cultivate a renewed alchemy, which heightens a robust imaginal realm.  An enhanced body/soul/mind connection will have a deeper effect upon creativity within the artistic soul, and in turn improving the range of creative solutions for problems in modern society.