Jaguar Luna Center of Imagination

celebrating creativity together

Our Center of Imagination is devoted to blending art and nature and intersecting multiple art forms.  Our facilities were designed by an artist to allow creativity to flow generously for dancers, sculptors, painters, writers, musicians, photographers, film and theatre.  The inspiration is in the place and the region.  Carefully placed ‘dream areas’ were designed to stimulate the muse inside each artist.  Please see our facilities section for details of the art spaces.

  • Create Beauty—Improve Life for All

Through a variety of opportunities, our Center of Imagination provides studio space where one can discover how art improves the basis for a vibrant, compassionate existence.  In doing so, our intention is to encourage the crossover in each visitor take part in the healing of the lands and waters in our region and again when they return home.

  • Paint the Town!

This is an ongoing program dedicated to invigorating the ambiance and potential of attention to the aesthetics of the region through painting striking murals.  A mural is a bridge to the mythology, the visual story of a community.  A public painting becomes a discussion about the people who live there and what they are capable of and where they may have come from.  From time to time we will have mural projects in the pueblos.  We will expand community vision through a timeline creation mythical mirror/reflection of the region’s extensive past as well as current narrative.  Collaborating with local artists, international artists, local businesses and schools, we will paint structures in nearby pueblos and flower aesthetics in an otherwise artless region.

  • Cultivating Arts en los Pueblos

One of our main intentions is to bring artistic skills for low cost or free to anyone who wants to learn and is motivated.  To supplement the need for cultural development in rural areas, we will invite in teachers from around the world to share their talents with our local communities.

  • Earth to Kiln

This program integrates ceramic building from digging the clay direct from the land, processing it and forming it.  The Mixtecs of Oaxaca, Mexico inspired our traditional in-ground kilns.  We intend to host ceramics to teach locals how to make cups, bowls, and other utensils to offset use of plastic in the home.  We welcome adventurous ceramic artists to come help us develop this program and experiment with sculpture for the land.

  • Teatro Del Bosque

Theatre of the Forest, or ‘Teatro del Bosque’, is a program to share stories, create dreams and have fun in protected woodland areas on neighboring farms.  Theatre often helps to say what is difficult or taboo in a creative format.  Originating at our own amphitheater in the forest, we will teach mask-making, story-writing, costume design, set design and host vibrant, whimsical theatre for participants and guests. Our in-house Circo Duende is made up of giant body masks and gigantic marionettes.  We look forward to traveling with this troupe to share the story of our Center at various events.  Please contact us for more information.

  • Innovative Buildings Apprenticeship Program

We will apply timber construction training and construct a reverse octahedron tower.   The structure will emphasize ceremonial buildings and provide a cosmological view.  We will also have on our intention to collectively construct a bamboo tree teaching space, sweat lodge, Zen house and sun house.

  • Prose, Poetry and Participation

An ongoing course in writing about nature.  We will host writers and develop discourse on creative writing and it’s influence on responsiveness in aiding the transformation of entitlement, privilege and apathy relative to the preservation of natural habitats