Jaguar Luna Earth Ark

natural wisdom

Our Earth Ark project is designed to give artists and their friends’ opportunities to participate directly with tasks healing from human devastation of the planet’s vitality.  The intention is to steward (acquire) lands near the center to reforest, and regenerate habitat alongside the river.  We offer varied arrangements to assist and learn about projects such as alternative energy, permaculture, and innovative building.

  • Reforesting Rural Farmland

Through our bio-refugio/land unification program, we will continue to acquire lands to facilitate the protection of a ‘buffer zone’ and safe passageway for wildlife, especially jaguars.  These stellar felines need areas to traverse between the protected national parks.  We look forward to working with farmers to reforest cattle areas that were denuded more than 50 years ago to homestead. Many have expressed interested, yet have little time or money to do so.  Reforesting is a complex task, involving the care of the trees, selecting species carefully as well as protecting them.

  • River Riparian Restoration

The rivers in the region are critical to the inspiration of the region; it’s health and wellbeing.  As we evaluate how to undertake restoring or repairing river we will begin in areas denuded next to the riverbanks.

  • Bee Keeping in the Coastal Highlands

Bees are essential to farming and critical the health of a forest.  The area has succumbed to the horrific depletion of bee populations in tandem to much of the world.  To aid the situation we will launch our own beekeeping operation and integrate a medicinal honey production.  We will become a site to mentor other farmers in beekeeping.

  • Essential Oil Production

In our desire to diversify farming in the area and develop new forms of economy, essential oil/aromatics is a principal endeavor of the Earth Ark project.  Helping aging farmers shift agriculture to aromatic cultivation is a way we hope to reveal the vast opportunity in health products.  In a coastal mountain range, the diversity of plants is amazing.  Currently we are focusing on oregano, marigold, turmeric, ylang ylang and white ginger.

  • Diversifying Crops & Organic Farming

We intend to bring the ‘farm-to-table’ approach to our Center.  Not only for our personal enjoyment, yet also to share with the locals.  Currently we have two greenhouses, a solar seed drying building and seven small ponds.  Over the last six years, we have planted innumerable fruit and medicinal trees as well as hardwoods.  We will continue to nurture the cultivation of organic farming in the region as well as expand our own operations.

  • Land Unification Program- Jaguar Luna Refugio

We realize our influence can span for hundreds of years.  Each tree we put in the ground, -each building, and -each intention.  One of our boldest intentions is with our land unification.  The future Jaguar Luna Refugio is already in progress as we are working with a neighboring farm to place it in a better-protected situation, shielding it from corporate farming and unruly development.  Our program works with nearby farmers who want to sell land and invite them to have it be merged with the Jaguar Luna bio-refugio.  These areas will be reforested and refocused as habitat sanctuaries, a buffer zone area for wildlife traversing between the nearby national parks.  Our goal is to expand this project to over 150 acres adjacent to our education center.