Nearby Excursions


  • Swimming:

Our Center is situated next to a vibrant mountain stream with lovely swimming holes.  Also a short distance away by auto or hour walk is a stunning 1000’ waterfall.

  • Parque Amistad

The first ‘international’ park in the world, it spans between Panama and Costa Rica with much of inaccessible without trained guides and overnight camping.  It has no roads through it and remains a dynamic, pristine area on the planet. At various Refugio’s, there are remote, primitive setups available to visitors for camping or lodging.  Las Tablas is an incredible site, over 2 hours away on gravel road.  Aguas Calientes, warm springs next to a vigorous mountain river are 2 hours away on gravel roads.  Bioley is an eco community 1-½ hours away.  Los Gigantes is reached from Bioley and is within Parque Amistad.  It hosts old growth and trails with a 3-day overnight excursion available.

  • Rio Terraba

Costa Rica’s largest river and is 2 hours away by paved road.  It is also threatened by the Diqui Hydroelectric project (ís_Hydroelectric_Project).  It is one of the most beautiful areas in the south and is unfettered by large tourist projects such as in the Guanacaste, Nicoya or Talamanca coastal areas.  When visiting, please consider how to protect this vital habitat.

  • Parque Corcovado

Home to the mystic jaguars, tapir, macaws, crocodiles, previously, the park only allowed 90 visitors per day and was accessed by dirt roads.  It has, however become popular for adventure travelers, ceremonies, yoga retreats, and pricey eco-lodges.  The park was considered to be one of the most pristine areas on Earth with an intact habitat from the smallest creature to the largest predators.  By car it is accessed from our Center in 5 hours (an incredible journey around the lovely Golfo Dulce).  Or it can be accessed by water taxi from the small port of Golfito (public taxis avail at scheduled times, otherwise pricey water taxis and NONE at night).

  • Parque Piedras Blancas

Home to the mysterious ancient aliens site of the enormous rock spheres.  It is approximately 3 hours by automobile from our Center.

Wilson Botanical Garden/Las Cruces Tropical Studies Center

It hosts a lush botanical garden host to a vast collection of palm species, bromeliads, halaconias, bamboo and more.  It is also a university research station a part of the University of Costa Rica.  It is 20 minutes away by auto from our Center.

  • Beaches:

So near—yet far.  Our nearby beaches are stunning, and yet difficult to reach by bus… and adventurous in a car.  While worth it, it is usually considered an ‘overnight’ trip.

  • Golfo Dulce   

This amazing golf is host to whales, dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and more.  Accessible by water taxis from Golfito or Puerto Jimenez.

  • Rey Curre’ – Indigenous Peoples/Lands

The area is home to several indigenous peoples. We invite our participants to recognize and honor them with care.  Like most places on the planet, government and tourism have imposed them upon in unsympathetic ways.  There are various festivals when they open their doors to visitors.  To learn more go here:

  • Border areas:  Paso Canoas/Rio Soreno

Walk across borders one can experience Panama for a brief moment while also meandering in discount stores.  An old-school border, pirates, pickpockets. Spicy foods and noise.  Rio Soreno is more ‘tranquillo’. Both are approximately 1 hour from our Center and reachable by taxi or bus.

  • Horseback riding

Can be arranged from time to time well in advance with locals.

  • Hiking

Our river can be hiked up during the dry season for hours, scaling rocks and pools.  Farm roads that lead to nowhere, and pass old-time Costa Rica are abundant—if not steep at times to walk.  Enjoy seeing coffee growing, bananas, and a serene rural area.

  • Restaurants/bars/nightlife/shopping

There is every option imaginable, even hotel style locations with bar, tourists and music.  There are some adorable small bars that serve tapas like delights with purchase of a beer (don’t expect delicacies, but beans, chips).  Nightlife is scarce, though it’s around to experience with care.  There are no movie theatres, though we do our best to have movie nights on agreement with the participants.  There are adorable small stores, with fabrics, Ropa Americana (used clothing), and knick-knack shops.

  • Books/Films on site

We have an extensive film and permanent book (lending only) library to fill one up with amazing stories and information.

Our Center is in the process of unifying with neighboring lands that will allow us direct access to the river.  It will also increase our reforestation program and additional food cultivation areas.