Objectives & Values

raising consciousness

CREATIVITY …is the basis for brilliance. 

-IMAGINATION …is the substance of responsiveness. 

-WONDER… is the seed of triumph. 

-CURIOSITY …is central to magnificence

We value the potency of artists and their influential talents, which generate confidence and illuminate creative possibilities within society.  We will embrace the extraordinary ingenuity of the arts at our Center’s excellent facilities while nurturing the full potential of the creative mind.  Our surrounding region will flourish through the exchange and dialogue shared through our offerings of education and events.

We desire to liberate the artist from creating solely for objectified market economies and desire to encourage artists to consider the long legacy of artists as messengers and healers.  Reawakening the artist to their divine nature and importance in participating in the transformation of universal consciousness is of part of the vision of our Center.

We intend that our Center will help participants boost the wellbeing of our planet while having opportunities to organic farm, bee keep, reforest, build alternative energy systems and assist in habitat restoration.  We will weave together local communities with visiting artists, teachers and ecologists and offer valuable education at low or no cost.  This will become a model to utilize around the world.

We understand the importance of fulfilling dreams, cultivating openhearted visions while also trusting in organic progress. We recognize that artists desire to leave something of them selves and contribute to the evolution of humanity.  Together we acknowledge and hold space for the playfulness, humor, and desire to change old patterns and habits while awakening the greatest potential in the arts.