Our Influence & Contribution

 balancing worlds

 Our influence as artists can be felt around the world.  Our center understands the impression we leave with visitors, in the eyes of locals and with our life force, the Earth.  By changing pastureland into an edible forest we have shown what is possible with even just a few dedicated individuals.  Through building a center with the local community we have established deep emotional bonds and increased confidence as to how developing the arts can assist in generating potent change.

 Wildlife is returning.  Trees are growing.   Families have come together and shared our theatre, our music, our food and our lively guests.  Our power to encourage youth to continue to farm, to consider future options in a better way will help assure this region’s sustainable evolution during the years to come. As we grow, the surrounding communities will have new ways to come together, creating art.

 In an effort to bring people together we host various events.  We host ‘film night’ in local public spaces such as the gymnasium in a town with no theatre.  We have had small art awakenings; ‘gallery-esque’ type events at local establishments and will continue to do so.

 We will collaborate with local schools and universities for integration of our internship and art technique programs.  Our intention is to expand the exposure of arts and share environmental care and sustainability workshops at satellite locations in the area.

 Our Center’s ethics include a setting for marginalized or oppressed sectors of society, especially to queer or sexually fluid individuals.  We see robust human culture as a way to revitalize wildlife habitat.  Our practice includes indigenous understandings and alternative ways to relate to the human world.

 Not only do we cultivate biodiversity, we also nurture human social diversity.  As an inclusive project to all genders we open the area to provide safe haven for a sector of society often lost in rural Latin America.  Through art programs we are bridging the gaps and neutralizing prejudice between races and especially adversity towards queer identified people.  We have integrated a strong bond with Costa Ricans and encourage their participation in learning how to run and eventually operate the Center.  We will be doing outreach to many underserved groups in the area and invite in mentorship, as well as programs to interface topics that are difficult to approach in existing community forums.  Our international puppet theatre program is directed as a source to work with consciousness and open hearts and divert damaging views on sexuality, and most importantly, environmental degradation.

 Our Jaguar Luna Earth Ark project is devoted to hosting programs such as reforestation, bee keeping, river riparian restoration and others to balance the carbon footprint of our participants and leave a worthwhile legacy for the future.

 Jaguar Luna Center of Imagination hosts Teatro del Bosque (Theatre of the Forest) and aims to assist farmers in protecting and increasing established woodlands on their ranches.

 The region’s schools are sorely lacking in arts fulfillment.  As a way to supplement that we will be hosting workshops in public spaces in the surrounding villages.  We have held extensive conversation with locals and will continue to do to assure our Center benefiting their lives.