Our Mission

We invite you to Discover Jaguar Luna

Jaguar Luna Cultural Arts Collective is a non-profit which provides an incomparable multifaceted center where imagination and creative expression are enlightened to extraordinary heights.  Our shared wisdom will help guide the regeneration of a vigorous natural environment and enliven the integration of a diverse and sustainable local economy.  Our participants will enrich the local communities with music, sculpture, film, painting, dance and theatre to illuminate the ability of the arts as a way to transform self-awareness and reveal answers to challenging questions.

Protection and restoration of wildlife habitat is a significant part of our Center’s devotion.  We will provide an inspiring, unique facility to reflect, converse, share and develop the arts as an opportunity to realize into being the dream of harmony between humanity and the natural environment.  Through our curriculum, we will join locals, artists, healers, and designers and combine knowledge and expand propensity for positive change.  Our programs will be dedicated to increasing empathy, aesthetics and creativity in rural communities of southern Costa Rica.