Our Philosophy

serious fun

-The Power of Imagination

            We recognize the importance of symbolism and metaphor in our name, Jaguar Luna and many of buildings such as Cocina Mariposa and the Hummingbird Tower.  Our name, Jaguar Luna, refer to characteristics, which we feel are integral to a multifaceted imagination.  Through subtly, visionary ideals, magnetism, pattern tracking, or extrasensory ability the artist awakens worlds yet unseen, or unformed.  Like the mystic jaguar, the artist must see into the night, or the void. One may then call upon a creation to form itself into physical manifest.  For the artist, this carries with it enormous responsibility, to call attention to oneself, or to one’s design.

            To be in a place where jaguars dream, engages an alluring pulse, the aura of wild earth.  Our center holds the potential to align with Earth’s first artists, those that sent signals thousands of years ago.  To amplify one’s full potential as a conscientious artist invites in the unification of consciousness and return to living interdependently with all life on Earth.

            Some reference this place as the ‘jaguar bridge’ bringing together the eagle and condor medicines from the hemispheres.  Our Hummingbird Tower is surrounded by verbena.  The flower kissers or flower eagles dart from flower to flower reminding us how to fly in a million directions at once with ease.  Butterflies swirl around hibiscus assuring us of the fulfilling journey of metamorphosis and transformation.  The artist inhabits a world in symbols and our center accentuates that very liveliness—that everything is genuine and substantial to the highly creative being.