Our Story

crossroads of cultures

Humble ideas can be turned into great dreams.

            –A seemingly modest incident can catalyze amazing outcomes.

Our Center is located in southern Costa Rica near the border of Panama.  It hovers above a small pueblo in a rugged coastal mountain range, in a natural phenomenon of what is known as a ‘cloud forest’.  We are situated between four national parks; the sun rises to the east over Parque Amistad and sets to the west over the infamous Osa peninsula’s Parque Corcovado.

Our vision originated from a desire to join together a community of artists in order to help rejuvenate the imagination and heal the relationship of humans and tierra madre—the Earth.  We sought to create a place to deeply explore substance behind the essence of “make it beautiful”.  More than a place to create art we desire to invite in a lively discussion on how to enhance wisdom and splendor within the arts. Beyond a customary artist-in-residency, we intend to inspire, delight, invoke and help reveal each participants full potential as a weaver of change.

Our Center is nestled within spectacular geography, next to vibrant mountain streams and traditional farms.  Much of our facility was caringly fabricated and handcrafted by local townspeople.   Each building was carefully positioned and designed with utmost care to generate a sensitive vibrational field for the muse, using crystal arrays beneath each structure’s foundation.

How did it all happen?  Magically, in the spring of 2010 a mosquito bite sparked a series of miraculous, unequivocal events, which activated and spawned our lovely Center. After sharing our ideas, one of the neighbors generously offered a parcel of land to our collective where we could build the center.  A partnership was begun and the first shovels were put into the ground in July of 2011.  With no architects, contractors, or big banks, our amazing team transfixed themselves and focused on the magic in constructing an incredible art center.  Over the next 6 years we made our center’s facilities—even the furniture, by hand.

            The uniqueness in our Center is that we encourage artists and their allies, to delve deeper into the mystery of creativity, how the imagination works and the basis for wonder to liberate humanity from the shackles of dispiritedness.  Often, limited by market objectification or societal elitism and judgment, artists frequently fail to develop their potential as change makers in the world.

Our viewpoint is simple. Spirituality and art go hand-in-hand.  Art feeds meaning to life.  The artist’s mind works differently; it yearns to pull things from the void, to see things and form a new perspective.

Our center is laboratory; it is a space to explore, study, and enhance the influence curiosity and wonder may have on societal values.  Creativity is the foundation that can assist with redefining and nurturing the story of ‘what it means to be human’.  We acknowledge that we live in a time filled with grim circumstances birthed from atrophied imaginations.  Jaguar Luna provides a harmonious container where visitors can unite and deepen esoteric knowledge and reorganize trends within the arts.

We look forward to sharing this path.  By uniting cultures, and fusing possibilities together which open minds, create solidarity and grow recognition of our potential can help create an improved rhythm within the collective consciousness now and for future generations.