initiating a new mythology

“Humble ideas can be turned into great dreams.” Our cultural collective consists of three major focus areas.

Jaguar Luna Cultural Arts Collective presents:

Each project overlaps, yet is distinct in its different opportunities to contribute and participate. Engaging a wide-range of collective undertakings enables us to equally welcome contributors who may not be directly involved in the fine arts yet are nonetheless devoted to creative change. Each of our projects has dedicated themes that will help guide the growing community of teachers and artists to our Collective’s mission fulfillment.

Jaguar Luna Center of Imagination

  • Create Beauty—Improve Life for All
  • Paint the Town
  • Cultivating en Los Pueblos
  • Earth to Kiln
  • Innovative Buildings Apprenticeship Program
  • Prose, Poetry & Participation

Jaguar Luna Center of Consciousness Awakening

  • Redefining “What it means to be Human?”
  • Ritual and Dreaming in Nature
  • Alchemy of Imagination

Jaguar Luna Earth Ark

  • Reforesting Rural Farms
  • Regenerating River Riparian
  • Beekeeping in the Coastal Highlands
  • Essential Oil Production
  • Diversifying crops & Organic Farming
  • Land Unification Program- Jaguar Luna Refugio