sharing our magic


Make it beautiful. Art is a way to communicate, to be in-relation with the ‘great mystery’ of existence. We believe artists’ hold a potent part in the ongoing future of healing a planet in crisis. Through sharing their vital imaginative interpretations and aesthetic presentations the vast realm of human consciousness can be liberated from tragic consequences. We believe cultivating healthy human imaginations will assist in the economic well being of impoverished rural farming areas by stimulating better stewardship of surrounding indispensible wildlife habitat.

Developing a well-supported network of donors is key to our success and the planet. Your contribution directly helps artists with creation of thought-provoking art, without the stress of modern urban society. Each donation directly benefits in travel stipends, scholarships, discounts on our workshops, seasonal events (such as our Theatre of the Forest), and teaching free classes in pueblos, reforestation, habitat restoration, and organic food cultivation. Whatever drew you here in the first place, now is the chance to make a real difference. Our world’s forests are in peril—a vital source in carbon removal and subsequent sudden dramatic climate change.

We welcome your generosity of all kinds, and hope you will hear our gratitude in each bird’s song, each river flowing, and the purr of a jaguar.

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