The Land and the Waters

conjuring alongside flora and fauna

Water is the essence of the Cloud Forest.  The delicate region is known to have more than 200 inches of rain per year.  Our center has 7 small lagunitas to rest next to and wish upon.   These carefully placed waters host vital habitat for frogs and dragonflies that help reduce mosquito populations naturally.

Each of our buildings has rainwater catchment (over 9000 liters) used for shower/toilets and for gardens.  Our drinking water either comes from municipal or our nearby private mountain springs.

Rio Bonita sits 500 meters below in a swirling valley accessed by trails.  Abundant pools, waterfalls and ‘rock jacuzzis’ are at every turn of this lively mountain stream.  Early morning is the best time to witness the passing wild feline, sloth or a variety of water birds, including herons, bitterns, kingfishers and more.  The streams are filled with small fish, crabs and lush forest.  The river is an intermediate hike to and from as well as up and down the river itself.

We are near the ocean, yet far.  The nearest beach is over 1 hour away and others nearly 2 hours by dirt road.  Though once there, the beaches are wild, remote and have the feel of ‘old Costa Rica’.

Rains fall abundantly from May to November, tempering off during Dec/April with a nearly dry season Jan-March.  Except for the rainiest times in Oct/Nov, the mornings are clear and sunny, storms in the afternoon and stars at night.