The Place


relearning subtlety

Jaguar Luna is, at its core, an energy epicenter.  The facility is situated in a vital buffer zone, in a precious, yet vulnerable, jaguar corridor habitat.  It is here, we invite the visitor to sense the subtly of a rain forest.  Our cloud forest reveals many things normally imperceptible to the mindset from busy urban areas.  These revelations become visible seeds to guide us into a new paradigm for the arts, and how we relate to each other and the surrounding landscape.

Our region is referred to as the Diqui River Valley.   There are many artifacts scattered around, left by these bewildering, mysterious, pre-Columbian ancestors.   Through their story we hear a whisper of ancient Costa Rica, once referred to as the Crossroads of the Tribes, or the Jaguar Bridge our area is steeped in a rich history.  Up and down the southwestern Pacific Coast they left a pattern of stone spheres leaving anthropologists in awe.

The area is home to indigenous peoples, the Guaymí (Ngabe), Boruca and Cabécar.  There is a vibrant festival at the end of each year, known as El Juego de los Diablitos or Fiesta de los Diablitos and is held in Rey Curré near Costa Rica’s largest river Térraba.

In the present day, the area known as Coto Brus, is interspersed with traditional farms of livestock, coffee, bananas, black beans, plantains, sugar cane and pineapples.  The area is hilly, vibrant green with refreshing winds.  Gravel roads connect tiny pueblos.

Our bioregion is known as a cloud forest.  Temperatures rarely go above 80 or below 65, though it can feel quite cool at night or after a rain.  We are situated at an elevation from 3600-4200’ and the nearest town (20 minute walk or 5 minute taxi) is at 3200’ elevation.

Our mini-forest hosts a healthy variety of birds, reptiles, exotic insects and mammals. While there is abundant wildlife, much of it has been stressed from unfavorable farming methods.  It is our intention to do everything we can to regenerate habitat and create a buffer zone for nearby national parks.

There are abundant rural roadways and trails through woodland and farms to contemplate on a project.  Our unique area hosts a place where one is with the “self” –alone within a natural landscape thereby reclaiming a sense of wildness.

Visitors can observe and participate in our moon rituals next to one of our seven lagunitas.

Whether you come to develop new artwork, share a class, retreat from the industrial world, we understand that creativity needs places to regenerate and rejuvenate.  We offer the tools to free the artist and release the artist’s dream, re-energizing the correlation of art and the emerging transcendent bioluminescent human.